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The Elegant Universe . (Part 1 of 3 ) .

Part - 1 of 3 ( Einstein's Dream ) . 

Einstein's unfinished dream -
                          Einstein spent his last 30 years for working on the " Theory of everything " ( which would unify all laws of Universe ) . 

                                      Einstein's desk hours after he died and Unified field theory . 

Was is string theory ?
Parallel Universes and 11- Dimensions ? 

String theory . 

                                                                       Tiny strings . 

Strings are the tiny constituents of every matter . 
Strings produce music and every matter is made up of tiny strings .
These tiny strings vibrate to make constituents of nature . 

Unification . 

1) When Newton saw an Apple falling he asked a question does also moon fall ? 
     He then unified terrestrial (Apple) and Universe (moon) into his work of Gravity "G" .
     This is how Gravity works. 

Apple falling .                                                                  Moon revolving around earth with gravity .            

2)  Einstein mainly worked with light . He said speed of light is cosmic speed limit and nothing can travel                faster than light . 
     Space and time forms a never ending fabric , sun at the center of fabric produces ripples of gravity which   travels at the speed of light . 
     Ripples of gravity = Speed of light . 


Ripples produced by gravity according to Einstein . 

3) Maxwell unified electricity and magnetism with his equations . 

B- Magnetic induction ., E - Electric field ., D - Electric displacement , H- Magnetic field .
J- Electric current .

" When lightning strikes , then we can check compass , the needle moves . "

*** Einstein tried to unify gravity and electromagnetism  ( E.M. ) . 

Morse code -> Method of transmitting text information as a series of on-off tones . lights (or) clicks that can be directly understood by a skilled listener (or) observer without special equipment's .    

In 1920 's -> Neil's Bohr gave atomic model called "Bohr's atomic model".
It explained protons and neutrons .

Quantum mechanics . (Q.M.) .

  Quantum mechanics is the science of the very small : the body of scientific principles that explains the behavior of matter and its interactions with energy on the scale of atoms and subatomic particles .  
  In quantum world weird (mysterious) things happen . It follows uncertainty rules ( ruled by chance ) .
" Sometimes impossible things occur such as passing through the wall ." 

                                              Microscopic sub atomic world .

Quantum Cafe -> Here we can order one and get another ( its all about the probability ) . 
.....Einstein then said one of the famous words " God does not throw dice " .
 Einstein dint accept the idea of the " world of probability ( ruled by chance ) ."

In 1930's -> Two new forces came they were ,
                  1) Strong nuclear force (S.N.F.) , and 
                  2) Weak nuclear force (W.N.F.) .
After these forces came -> E.M + S.N.F + W.N.F .
Gravity became a weak force and was overthrown . 

" These new forces introduced nuclear bomb ( Nuclear fission and fusion at sub atomic level ) ." 

Now two areas / field came which were need to be unified , they were :

"  E.M + S.N.F + W.N.F  "              <-------->                      "  G  "
   Quantum mechanics                                                     General relativity 

In 1916 -> Black holes were discovered by  " Karl Schwarzschild "  

Black hole                                                                                      Black hole with corona . 

At the center of black holes it is infinitely small so Quantum mechanics can be used .
But it is very heavy so relativity must be used . 
If we have to use both  then it will produce absurd (or) meaningless results , but Universe isn't meaningless . 

Here comes the " STRING THEORY ( Vibrating strings ) ." 

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