Thursday, 25 January 2018

Nibiru - Planet X

Nibiru - Planet X .

Nibiru is another name for planet X , it is believed there must be a disastrous encounter between the earth and the planet X (collisions or can be a near miss event) .

This term was coined in 1995 by Nancy Lieder . 

In 1916 American astronomer studied the anomalies in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune planet , and later in the year 1929 Clyde Tombaugh studied the skies by taking photographs of the night sky in subsequent time intervals and observed orbits of the 9th planet and hence pluto was discovered . 

Though later in 2006 , 9th planet pluto was considered as Dwarf planet because of its size and mass . 

Nibiru - Planet X . 

Rogue planets .

These are the planets far beyond earth , which are not bound to any planetary systems or stars . These are ejected by Cosmic disturbances.

Rogue planet don't have a proper history yet

Rogue planets are normally giants and possess no life and out there are billions of rogue planets in the observable universe. 

Rogue planet.

These planets often fly across the planetary systems disturbing the gravitational fields and causing a havoc. If this enters earth it may not hit the earth causing collisions but can have a close fly by near the planets which disturbs the orbits of the other planets (gravitational fields ) which in turn disturbs the earth’s orbit . 

Earth is composed of numerous life forms as we have triple point of water here – water exists in 3 forms solid , liquid and gaseous states . Earths falls in the habitable zone (goldilock zone).

Rogue planet - Possible collision or nearby encounter . 

 Rogue planets may cause death and destruction if it enters solar system . Few may be listed as global disaster like new climatic phases which may lead to disturbances in the life cycle . Global warming – melting of polar ice caps and which in turn may shutdown agriculture all over and temperature may rise to 140 degree Celsius . There may be wild fires in the forest .

This may disturb the thermal circulatory on earth and this may lead to ICE-AGES and super storms , hurricanes and tornado .

Ice-Age - Polar bear

City flooding 

Hurricane .


Now questions arise will earth ever become a Rogue planet if its thrown out of its usual orbits ?
If so then earth may move away from its orbit and becomes cold and dry place . 

Cold and dry place .

Trans Neptunium Planet .(TNO)  

These are minor planets which orbit the sun at a greater distance , than the Neptune .

In 2014 , 6 TNO were discovered and in 2016 - 7 more were discovered as time passes more and more TNO's were discovered .

TNO - Orbits farther than Neptune . 

TNO discovered . 

Orbits of TNO . 

 There are many such predictions for the end of the world by the undiscovered 9th planet - Planet X .

Predictions by scientists and astronomer about the end of world - Planet X . 

Earth belonging to the Goldilocks zone were its safe for life to persists , but there are a number of celestial bodies out there orbiting the sun and the rough planets too .
Hence there is constant threat by these objects , but as there are no observable evidences found anywhere nor has these planet X and there orbit anomalies have been proved , hence these can be considered only as theories .

Working telescopes , such as one in Arizona have been scanning the skies for any possible outcomes to prove the theories .

Telescope in Arizona . 

On the far reaches of the solar system on the outermost edge in the kuiper belt , there exist celestial objects unknown to mankind till date . May be these formed at the beginning of the formation of the solar system .

Kuiper Belt

These celestial objects appear at regular intervals of time by passing in the sky , because of the gravitational anomalies which have been drifting these from the past many years .
But even these have endangered life forms on Earth due to there constant encounters with the earth .

Celestial objects hitting planet Earth . 

 Cosmic catastrophes , gravitational anomalies and other forces and energies out there in the vast cosmos have been influential in disturbing our very own planet and its orbit .
Since the time scale of Universe is very large compared to the life forms on the Earth , its very difficult to foresee these events by any consistent beings on the Planet .

But there are some unanswered questions like rogue planets - does these form the outer planets on the far reaches of the solar system , which have been disturbed by the planet X (or) vice-versa , and can be the reason for causing the deviations in the orbitals and which can cause shifts in the orbits of inner planets of the solar systems .