Saturday, 26 May 2018

The Enigma of Extraterrestrials and space travels :- Part ( 3 of 3 )

 The Fate of the Alien Intrusions .

      After encountering the various Alien interventions and after many speculations . We can now be sure if Aliens were to visit our Home planet Earth , what advance techs they may be using out here to withstand the varying climatic conditions and other physical phenomenons .

Alien intrusions .

Alien Biology

Aliens how tough they are , we can estimate this by using Synthetic biology .

Alien body

We normally find living creatures on planet earth living in extreme conditions from high temperature to low temperature and thus we encounter questions like if life beyond these conditions is possible.

Its been found that bacteria's living in yellow stone have conditions like high temperature , so we can predict that life is possible elsewhere in the Universe .

95% of life on earth is made of carbon , nitrogen , hydrogen , oxygen , phosphorous , and sulphur .So if we find Aliens , it can be estimated that these creatures can be made up of these elements or else can be different also depending upon there climatic conditions .

We can just predict that Aliens may take any shape may be they have advanced to that extent or it can be there biological advancement have replaced there biological brain with the artificial brains .

Alien caught on tape 

Artificial Intelligence .

Aliens may have an advanced technologies wherein they have been using the artificial intelligence and sending artificial Alien beings to planet earth . 

If we consider the advancement of the alien technologies and the evidences as seen , it can be predicted that they may be using some sought of Artificial intelligence . 

Alien - Artificial Intelligence .

Moores law

In the advent of new technology , according to Morres law , computer power doubles every 2 years . 

But it worked only for past 40 years from 1965 . Though there can be some serious issues as its found only 1 billion transistors are found on microchip when it was estimated to be 4 to 5 billions according to Moores law . But comparable to the old testimony the transistors were increased from 23,000 on microchip to 300 million in 40 yrs .

There is a decline in the numbers , may be it can be they are using some different technology . 

There are some potential problems in increasing the number of transistors in the microchip , gaps between the transistors gives rise to quantum tunnelling were data can be corrupted and the over heating of the chips if more number of transistors are placed and eventually melt it .

Moores law

So we can trust our future on Optical and laser computer , as quantum computer may not fetch the results because of quantum phenomenon and probability factors .

Do Alien technologies use quantum computing or do they have some advanced techs which we may have used but its hidden from general public .

So breaking the Moores law by the dawn of quantum effects may put a serious question do Aliens have mastered the quantum technology as using some advance techs which we may not be familiar with , or can be a delusion of reality still far from the reach .

Moores law

Alien Mothership .

Its believed that Alien spaceship may originate from the Alien mothership .

Alien Mothership


By having all the evidences of the alien contacts it can be concluded that our planet Earth was always visited by some Extraterrestrial beings .  

Alien - Human contact . 

Having such advanced technologies and the effective use of scientific phenomenon , we may predict our lost past and future . The fate of the planet and the consequences of the invasion may prove fatal to the life on earth only if they are targeting the weapon technologies and other habitable places .

If the ill-fated efforts judges our future , then we can set up new morals for the future of life on planet Earth and may our deeds doesn't go in vain .

Though interventions of E.T have its traces all over , but still the conclusion is uncertain .


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